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New Asphalt Plants

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Batching and Drum Mixer Asphalt Plants

Asphalt Plants

Mobile Batch Asphalt Plants

Plants for Cement Mixing and Cold Asphalt

MET Multi Ecological tower


  • Batch type asphalt plants serie MIC
  • Drum mixer asphalt plants serie CEM
  • DOSAMATIC equipment on drum mixer plants
  • for components weighing
  • MOBILE batch and drum mixer asphalt plants
  • Cabin with computerized control system
  • Plants for R A.P.
  • Plants for bituminous emulsion production
  • Plants for modified bitumen production
  • Plants for dosing and feeding of fibers
  • Cold asphalt plants
  • Concrete, cement stabilization mix plants
  • Ecologic system for dusts purification - bags filters
  • Hot mix storage silo
  • Filler silo
  • feeders
  • Diathermic oil heaters
  • Bitumen and fuel storage units
  • Smelting furnaces for bitumen in drums
  • Universal modulating burners
  • Vibrating screen units for aggregates
  • and for industrial uses


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